Small Crowd

If I have to profile myself, I’d say I’m not a person who have a lot of friends but a person who have a very tight circle of friends.

I don’t enjoy mingling with people I don’t know. I prefer going out with my friends whom I have known for a long time. I can be myself around them and I know they’d accept me no matter what.

Even if I don’t have that many friends, I am proud to say that the friends that I have are my friends until now. I have this friend since childhood whom I still have a communication with even if she’s already in the USA. My best friend from elementary school who now lives in Canada but still makes time for me and asks how things are going on. My friends in high school, my friends and best friend in PT school, Gemma, my friends in Nursing school, my previous workmates, my room mates, and my new work mates. Plus some other friends who made a significant part of my life.

I’m a very private person. When I’m on the streets, I don’t look at other people, I don’t talk to them unless needed. I may come across as silent and shy or a snob but I don’t care. You may also notice the meager number of visits on this blog. It’s because I keep it private. I just want to torment a couple of people who can understand my nonsense babbling rather than annoy a bunch of innocent people who thinks my blog is trashy. That’s why I don’t advertise this blog. I don’t promote it nor spread it. My Twitter account? Sheesh! I’m surprised that the small number of followers I have still have not abandoned me. I babble too much nonsense, I tweet too much information, well, it’s because I only have a small number of followers to annoy. Now I’ve finally paid attention to my Tumblr account and I only have 1 follower (yay me!).

Well, I guess that’s the whole point: to be able to write my thoughts freely to a small number of audience whether they read it or not. The important thing is, I have expressed myself and unloaded my thoughts. Kind of like being with my closest friends: they may or may not listen to my nonsense babbles, but I know that they will never abandon me. 😉


2 thoughts on “Small Crowd

  1. wow, i never thought someone would take interest in reading this. thanks! 😉 i visited your blog and i think i could learn something from you. i hope i could be a better writer. 😉

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