Goodbye 2010

My last post for the year. Here I am, still in bed waiting to fall asleep so I can recharge later for my night shift at the hospital. My two days off I’ve spent in our room watching Dexter. I just went out to buy some things at the grocery store when I decided to cook some lunch (for a change). Year’s about to end and everyone has something good to post on Facebook (and that would be a another different subject to blog about) and I’m here contemplating on the fact why the hell am I here in the first place.

To review, my year didn’t start that great. Sure I was able to “escape” but I didn’t know that by “escaping” I’d face an even harder challenge. I’ve endured a lot. It’s like I remain frozen while I watch everyone I know move on to the next level. Friends kept my broken self become whole, but hell, I’m still cracked. But I’ve managed. And I’m still trying…

My youngest sister was online and she asked me if I wanted to talk to Mom. I ignored her. I told her I need to sleep because I’ll be working later. But the truth is, I just don’t want to start crying. Not with all my roommates around. I don’t want to create another scene like when they saw me break down when I couldn’t suppress my feelings anymore.

This year hadn’t been a great year for me. But I’m hoping that this coming year would be kind enough to cut me some slack.

So goodbye 2010.

2011, what’s in store for me?


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