I know when it’s coming.

First you will see an aura. You will try to focus your vision. You will blink a few times because you’d think something caught your eye, like dust or something. It feels like you’ve been blinded by a flash of light from a camera which has been taking pictures of you nonstop. Everything looks blurry. It just doesn’t go away. You try to close your eyes and you see a flash of lightning, or a spark of electricity. When you open your eyes, it’s still there. You become sensitive to light so you seek comfort in the dark. But in the dark, the light just keeps getting bigger. As soon as the light gets bigger, a throbbing headache comes next. It feels like your head has been cut down in half. One half doesn’t feel anything¬† but the other half is so painful you’d want to bang that part into a wall and break it into pieces. Then you’d feel nauseated. You can taste the bitterness from the bile which is slowly forming and coming out of your stomach into your mouth. All the contents of the day’s meal come pouring out. The urge to vomit is so strong that you continue to gag even if there’s nothing left but a hole in your stomach. The pain in your head is so terrible you’d want to scream. It feels like your head will explode any minute. Then your head will feel numb, heavy. No matter how much pain killers your take, sleep is the only thing that will make it go away. Sleeping in the dark curled on the bed…Then you’ll wake up with a heavy feeling. It feels like an elephant just landed one of its foot on your head that left you wondering what just happened.

That’s what migraine feels like.


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