Love and Marriage

This might be an understatement, as I am not writing this because I’m getting married.  I’m not even trying to create euphemism, as I am not against it. I’m just trying to express my simple thoughts on this very complicated but rather overused and misused word.

Love is an ideal thing. Marriage is a real thing. (Goethe)

The question is why.

Why do we marry?

I can think of a million and one answer…from everyone. There is no right and wrong answer, so there’s no argument. It just becomes an argument when one thinks one is right and the other is wrong. Hence, marriage.

Tradition dictates how you should be married.

I hate traditions.

There are certain rules to follow when one decides to marry.

I hate rules.

Society dictates what age you should get married. Beyond that comes the label.

I don’t usually conform as to what the society dictates so screw that, nor do I live on labels, thank you very much.

Advertisements. Commercialization.

Need I say more?

I had an inspiration before I began writing this. I saw a marriage take place in still pictures. It’s completely devoid of  any conformity. I see two people ready to share a life together. Simple yet full of meaning.

Then I thought, that’s exactly the kind of thing I want for myself. No expectations. No rules. No traditions. No commercialization whatsoever.

Marriage is a (solemn)vow between two people. It’s as simple as that.

My dream marriage?

Away from it all. Just me and him (and a priest who will officiate). Then we’ll run away, go to places we’ve never been before, just have fun and be free. And after that, a life together.

I wish it’s that simple.


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