November 30, 2010

8:53 pm

Went home early from Gemma’s flat. I can’t find anything to do except browse the internet which is starting to get boring. Besides, almost one month of sickness coupled with PMS made me gain 3kg of weight. So I’ve decided that since I’m well now, I better resume my jogging.

I went home past 4pm. Room was empty. I gathered my laundry, changed into my jogging outfit and went out at exactly 5pm. The sun was starting to set, just perfect for a late afternoon jog.

I jogged for 30 minutes near the beach. I needed the endorphins. I’ve been depressed. I’ve become pessimistic. Self-pity burned a hole in my soul and consumed me. I started questioning and blaming myself for every turn of events. Some people are just luckier than me.

I needed a diversion. I know that thinking negatively will not do anything good. I should stop comparing myself to others. I need to learn to appreciate each and every blessing that I fail to acknowledge due to a clouded mind filled with negative thoughts. I also need to be strong. I HAVE to be strong.

I stared at the sun as it started to set. Another day has passed. Tomorrow’s a new day. I walked back to our flat filled with new hope. I should keep moving forward.  There’s no room for regrets anymore.

I’m ready to face the challenge. I may stumble and fall but I know I can surpass.


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