3 Things

Finally, cough is gone. 5 days of Aerius and Sinecod cough syrup did the trick. C and I are back to normal, I’m visiting Gemma again, and I’m feeling good about myself.

When C listened to my rants yesterday, she analyzed what’s wrong with me and listed 3 things that are making me down: envy, pride, and negativity. I possess all three.

I stopped talking and started thinking. Could it be? Negativity, yes, of course. But envy and pride?

I thought long and hard. Then it occurred to me. I think C’s right. And I think a little bit of crab mentality if I may add.

There. It’s hard to accept but I also have to be aware that I possess those things.

I need to learn to be humble, accept things as they are and be contented at what I have. I have to be thankful, be more positive and appreciate all the blessings that come my way. Challenges will make me strong. I am not a failure.

It helps when you talk to friends. They keep you grounded and stay on the right track.


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