For the Love of Allergens

I’m done with Toplexil syrup for 5 days. Sleep was hard to find for the past days after Toplexil. It’s been my sleeping aid. I had antibiotics for 3 days but cough is still there. Went to see the GP 3 days ago and she prescribed another cough syrup (Sinecod) for 5 days and the oh-so-expensive Aerius (Desloratadine) for allergy, also for 5 days. One cannot buy oral medications per piece here. So I bought 30 tablets (1 pack) even if I only need 5. Thank goodness for insurance. I don’t have to pay for anything. I only have to pay 30% for the medicines prescribed.

Actually, my cough isn’t that worse anymore. But I’m too hard-headed (I think). I ate chips and I coughed nonstop. Then I ate peanut butter sandwich. I coughed nonstop then vomited what I ate. Then last night, I ate sea foods. Guess what happened.

What else am I not allowed to eat? I’ve been avoiding chocolates and sweets. I’ve been avoiding ice cream.

What more, my blood pressure’s shooting up. From 100/80, my highest BP had been 150/80. Been tracking my BP ever since. I must be getting old, shucks.

I hate medicines. I couldn’t even swallow a tablet without gagging. I just hope I would be better soon.


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