For Coughing Out Loud

November 17, 2010

Still with a bad sore throat. I’m taking Toplexil cough syrup for dry and irritating cough now, which is making me drowsy, and Strepsils for my sore throat. It helps in a way but early mornings are the worst. I couldn’t talk, couldn’t swallow, and coughing is like a heavy burden. My lymph nodes are all swollen.

My colleague from USTH, R, is back from vacation and he lost his cell phone so I called N instead (another colleague from USTH) to ask if he can send me R’s number. N and I haven’t been talking and seeing each other not as much as R and I do. The first and last time I saw N was when I arrived here in UAE. When N answered his mobile I asked him right away. Then he noticed my voice and asked what happened. Then I cried and I don’t even know why. Probably because we haven’t been talking much and he doesn’t know what I’m going through. I just told him that I’m sick. Then he said he’ll send me R’s number through text.

I’m not planning on calling him. I just wanted to know his new number so I could store it in my phone book for future use. But I sent him a text message nonetheless, when N mistakenly sent me a text message intended for R. I told him I’m okay and that I just wanted to get his new number that’s all.

I’m not hungry, and even if I did, I don’t know how I can swallow. I just satisfied myself drinking ginger lemon tea (with my nose pinched coz I hate the taste), coffee, and alphabet chicken soup (that’s what Mom gives me when I’m sick, er…as a child). C gave me Vicks vaporub which I use at night before going to sleep. My cough is worse during early mornings at night times. I swear my roommates couldn’t sleep from my non-stop coughing but I know that they understand. It’s just too embarrassing when I can’t prevent myself from coughing too much. I just want to stick my hand down my throat, pull my lungs out and throw it away in the garbage.

Climate change. I didn’t know I’d get sick by it. All I know is that it’s hard to get sick when you’re away from home.


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