Can’t Poop? Say, “Ommmm!”

When my brother’s first child was born, I used to watch his mother-in-law take care of the baby. It’s been a long time since we had a baby in our family and I was so fascinated by everything: his cry, movements, features…

One time, my brother’s mother-in-law was trying to make the baby poop. She was making a sound like this: “ommmm….ommmm…ommm…

Hmmm, kinda like yoga…

Then, something happened. I stood there watching and listening when suddenly I felt like I wanted to poop myself.

So I quickly ran towards the bathroom.

Whew! What the hell just happened out there?

I told Mom and my siblings that funny story and they were all laughing. Mom said when I was a baby, she used to do that to me. She’d make me squat then make the ommmm sound and it was very effective.

No wonder…

And I thought the old lady just chanted some magic words.


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