Things That Make Nursing Fun Despite The Heavy Workload

With my job as a Nurse in Hell Hospital, I encounter a lot of patients. Some just come and go, some stay with us like it’s their second home, and some are so distinct in ways you can imagine that they stick in our memory. Sometimes a patient comes to visit us and greet us happily as if we were their long lost friend and we respond in the same way even if we’re trying to remember who this person is at the back of our minds.

Patient: Heeey! How are you? Toxic huh?

Nurse: Heeey, you… (with a quizzical look).

Patient: : You don’t remember me, do you?

Nurse: Of course I remember you! What brings you here? (with a smile so fake it hurts).

Patient: Oh, I’ve come to see Dr. So N So, is he here?

Nurse: Oh, just proceed to the Doctor’s staff room, you’ll see him there.

Then nurses will talk and say: “who the hell was that again?”

It’s not our fault if we forget a patient no matter how good our relationship is in the past. There’ s just too many patients.

In between juggling our work load and building rapport with our patients, there’s just some things that patients and relatives do that make our work so damn stressful.

It’s 8am. Time to give medicines.

Nurse: Your name please.

Patient: Stu Pid.

Nurse: Here’s your antibiotic.

Patient: (Runs to the nurse) Should I drink it now?

Nurse: (Nope, you drink it tomorrow, I just gave it in advance.) Smiles. Of course…:)


There are also relatives who are out of this world.

Relative: Hey Nurse, I want to ask for an Excuse Letter for my son, to be submitted in his school.

Nurse: Er…aren’t you the one who’s supposed to be doing that EXCUSE LETTER you’re talking about?

Yeah, I kinda remember asking my Mom to make an Excuse Letter in grade school when I’m absent.



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