Girls and Comfort Rooms (Toilets)

April 9, 2006

What is it with girls and comfort rooms? When you go to a girl’s comfort room, it’s always crowded and there’s always a very long line…

Picture this:

There are three cubicles and three lines.


Who goes out faster? Which girl takes a long time to come out? Which line doesn’t seem to move at all?

I always get into a line where it doesn’t move. When I decide to switch places, my former line would start moving and the line I’m in would take a long time to move. I must really be unlucky…

I mean, what’s taking girls so long? I can’t imagine what else they are doing besides peeing. It’s so easy: you hang your bag on a hook (if you have a bag), unzip your pants, pull down your undies then pee…wipe, throw the napkin on the thrash can, pull up your undies, then your pants, zip, flush, get the bag then get out. You can do it all in less than 3 minutes, except of course when you’re changing your napkin.

You must really be unlucky if you’re in a line where the person decides to do something else other than peeing then leave with a clogged and smelly toilet bowl with some human waste floating. Instead of having 3 long lines, you’ll end up having 2 veeeerrryy long lines.

They should put up a cubicle exclusive for those who have a bowel movement.

Or maybe they should put up a sign that says: 3 minutes or you die…

They should also separate the wash room from the cubicles so it won’t get too crowded. Imagine being elbowed in the head by someone who combs her hair, or being sprinkled with powder everywhere. When you decide to use the mirror to see if you still look okay, all you can see is the top of your head. Well, at least it’s still intact.

I don’t even know how the hell the floor gets wet inside a cubicle when you have a flush in the first place. And those who put their feet up to pee, why they do it I don’t know. I can’t imagine how their urine shoots into the toilet bowl when they do that. They must be pointing at the door instead…maybe that’s how the floor gets wet.

Well, it’s just a thought…really.


2 thoughts on “Girls and Comfort Rooms (Toilets)

  1. Hahah!! I love this post. Very true! I get very unlucky when I’m queuing for my turn too. What’s even worse is that when it’s finally your turn, someone out of nowhere goes straight into the cubicle leaving you dumbfounded. It’s very appalling! The part where u stated that they make the floor wet, I feel the same way. Sometimes some of them don’t even flush the bloody toilet. It’s so frustrating. I think they should put one of those door signs to allow other people know whether one is peeing or doing something else inside, like the door signs in hotels.

  2. hahaha! i agree. there’s even bargaining going on, like, when a mother asks if her child can go first because the child can’t hold his/her bladder anymore, or an elderly person asking if you would be so kind to let an old lady go first. i mean, aren’t we all there in line because we can’t hold our bladders a little longer? crazy toilet scenarios, haha!

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