The Thermostat

There was a call from a patient’s room so I went there to check.

Male Arab: Eh…the thermostat, please check.

Me: (Huh?) So I checked the AC.

Male Arab: No, no, no…this baby (pointing at his kid), the thermostat, check. (Looking at me like I’m the dumbest person he ever saw.)

Me: (Aaaaaahhhh….TEMPERATURE!) Okay Sir, let me check your baby’s thermostat, yalah!

I think I’m getting good at guessing games.


4 thoughts on “The Thermostat

  1. I went through the same thing with my sister. We ordered shawarma at an arab restaurant.

    Arab guy: Ok. Chicken or meat?

    Sis and Me: (What?) 0.o

    Arab guy: Chicken or meat?

    Sis: Chicken is also meat. What do you mean by chicken or meat?

    Arab guy: Chicken or cow?

    My sister and i bursted out laughing in front of him. He was serious. We thought he was joking.

    Sis: Cow please

    Oh my gosh! Hilarious!!!

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