Arabically Speaking…

A female Arab visitor was looking for a patient and was speaking in Arabic. I knew right away that she doesn’t know how to speak in English (I tried but all I got was a blank stare). So there I stood, desperately trying to remember the right Arabic words to say. Then I said, “KAMSA ARBA?” The Arab woman’s face twisted. I was thinking, “what the hell did I just say?”

So I called for help and dragged a colleague who knows how to speak in Arabic. She asked me what I told her. I said, “Kamsa Arba.” Then she laughed hysterically.

Me: “Why? What did I say?”

Colleague: “You just counted in Arabic, ahahahaha!!!! You said, 5, 4…ahahahaha!!! You should’ve said, KAM GURFA (which room).”

Fine. They all just sound the same to me.

Hmp! I’m really good at embarrassing myself.


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