Let’s Play Charade, Shall We?

I was about to go to a patient’s room when this Arab lady suddenly approached me in the hallway talking in Arabic nonstop like I understand every single word she’s saying.

Arab lady: yada yada yada….

Me: Huh?

Arab Lady: Eh…futa.

Me: (thinking) did she just tell me a bad word? (puta in tagalog means whore or bitch)

Then the lady, upon seeing the confusion written all over my face began to act what she wanted to say.

Oooohh! Charades! I love charades!

The lady began rubbing both of her arms.

Me: Lotion?

Arab lady: No! Eh…

Then she began rubbing her hair.

Me: Shampoo!

Arab lady: No, no! Eh…

She was deep in thought then all of a sudden she began rubbing her body.


Is she trying to tell me she’s a Futa?

Me: Eh…perfume…?

Arab lady: Futa! Futa!

Me: Futa? Ugh! Yalah, come sister. Let’s find someone who knows Arabic.

Upon reaching the station I asked if anyone knows what Futa means.

Then my Filipina colleague said, “TOWEL!”

Oooohhh…So that explains all the rubbing, eh?

So much for that game of charade. I felt awkward for a while there, whew!

Me: Sister, here’s your Futa.

Kalas. Finished.


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