The Girl Who Got Kicked by a Red Horse

I wasn’table to take time back last Thursday because the ward was too busy. Thursday (as always), is the start of weekend in UAE (and I’m quite getting used to it as a matter of fact). And when you say Thursday, it’s the day when my room mates and I just get together and plan something fun (well, there’s nothing much to do in this country, so to speak).

We planned it a week back, that we’ll have Redhorse beer, instead of our usual Tequila night. I know I have work on that day, but I was still kind of hoping that our Nurse-in-charge or Supervisor will give me time back. But then Thursday came and alas, time back was not granted.

You know it’s hard to go to work when you see your room mates having fun. They’re all working in an office and I’m the only one working on shifts (and 12 hours at that). I’m just glad that I’ll be working with my best bud on that shift which would make work a little less boring.

And so the next day (my day off), I slept until my body decided to wake up, cleaned the kitchen (it’s my schedule as posted by some snotty flatmate who delegated herself as the queen of the i-make-the-rules-you-obey, long story, anyway…where was I?) so I cleaned the kitchen (against my will), ate, and took a long bath (I felt too icky cleaning other people’s mess). After that, my room mate Mavie asked me if I’m ready to start to drink (Redhorse beer). And I told her I’m ready as ever!

The night when I left for work, the 4 of them had consumed two 500ml cans (king can) of Redhorse beer and got easily drunk. Cherry and Jona vomited (that explains why the sink was clogged the morning I arrived from work). They say Redhorse beer in UAE is stronger than the Redhorse beer in the Philippines (and I can consume 6 bottles of that beer before I can feel drunk). Anyway, I was planning on consuming 3 beers without vomiting, to break their record. So let’s begin the drunk test, shall we?

I was able to drink 1/4 of that beer when I felt kind of dizzy. So IT IS strong! Or maybe because I only ate a little. So Mavie and I cooked Sisig (straight from the can), Ivy opened the videoke, and Jona and Cherry started singing. I took my time and didn’t rush (to break their record because I don’t want to make a fool of myself by getting drunk). I just took a sip every now and then. One can of that beer down and I’m still standing. Okay, off to my second can.

I started singing my guts out. We’re practically playing a game of tag over the mic and who’s going to sing next (it’s more fun that way). And I was giving Cherry a lesson on how NOT to get drunk that easily so as NOT to vomit. I was halfway on my second can when Jona said we’ll go out for Shisha. I said don’t want to but Cherry urged me to go so I downed half of the remaining beer in one gulp…


Man! I think I just got kicked by a Red Horse…

Well, I can still walk straight but my room mates we’re all laughing at me because I was talking too much. After Shisha, we went back to our flat and slept.

When I woke up (at 3am!), I can still feel the kick I got from that damn horse…right at my temples. I swear I will never rush drinking that beer anymore. Well, I might not have beaten their record (of drinking 3 tall cans of Redhorse) but at least I didn’t vomit and made a fool out of myself. 🙂


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