In this country, I’ve learned:

  • to adjust to the different races (indians, emiratis, jordanians, pakistanis, egyptians, lebanese, sudanese, etc.).
  • that indians like to stick together.
  • that body odor is a common smell of the people here and that taking a bath is not that common (i refuse to belong to this category).
  • filipinos are filipinos no matter where they go.
  • to be friends with the indians.
  • to be cautious of my own kind (they’re the worst enemies you can have).
  • to filter out who’s my real friend and who’s just pretending to be.
  • to view everything in a positive way.
  • to understand why my superiors are acting the way they are.
  • to become more independent.
  • that homesickness is the hardest feeling an OFW can ever feel.
  • that you have to depend on yourself in order to survive.
  • to fight injustices and unfair treatments.
  • to embrace diversity.

…and the list goes on.


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