Incessant Blabbing

…and so the little girl decided to update her blog (out of boredom).

Two days I’ve been on day duty (8am-8pm). And today, I’m on night shift (8pm-8am). I tried to stay up late last night so I can wake up late in the afternoon, and also to adjust my body clock. But as always, it never happens. I woke up at 10 in the morning with nothing else to do but see what’s happening in the internet (pathetic).

One can’t force oneself to sleep if she ain’t sleepy. Irony though, when I’m riding the bus home, no matter how hard I keep myself from falling asleep, with the muslim prayer being played inside the bus, my mind slowly drifts away to dreamland. But when I try to sleep because I have to wake up early the next morning, my mind disobeys me and remains awake. I wish I’m inside that bus…

Twitter suddenly got boring – nothing interesting’s going on (I stopped getting addicted to FB either). I know I don’t have a life, so what? Then I realized, “oh, I have a blog!” A pathetic blog where no one visits except the author herself. I know it’s been ages since I’ve updated it. I kinda miss reading blogs. I had two (active) blogs before (friendster & blogspot). I deleted the first one (coz my older sister was stalking me) and the second one was gone (I couldn’t log in anymore but I couldn’t care less, it’s trashy anyway so let it be). And now this…

I’ll try to write anything, readers or no readers. I need to get things off my mind.

Hopefully I can get back to sleep.


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