Trying To Impress My Crush

Night shift. Phone rings so I answered.

Me: “Pediatric and Female Unit, Good morning!”

Male Nurse: “Hi, good morning. This is Justine from ER.”

Me: (Mouthing “Oh, My God!”) “Hellooo…”

Justine: “Who is this?”

Me: “Um, yes this is Rouselle…”

Justine: “We have a patient for admission. Can we shift the patient now?”

Me: “Owkaaay…”

Few minutes later, Justine came in with his patient.

Justine: “This is a case of a 2 year old girl who drowned from a C.”

Me: “Huh? Basin?”

Justine: (Trying to hide his smile) “No…C.”

Me: “Sink?”

Then everybody in the Nurse’s station started laughing nonstop including Justine, which made me blush beet red.

Other Nurse: (In between laughing) “Why would someone , ahahaha, drown from a basin…ahahaha, much less a sink? AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Justine: “If the patient drowned from a sink, you have to flush that patient, no? Ahahahahaha!!!”

Other Nurse: “He said SEA! Ahahahahaha!!!”

Me: “Shuhada! He should’ve pronounced it as SEE no? Not SI! Hmp!”

I’ve changed my mind. He’s no longer my crush. He’s not even that cute when he’s laughing, HMP!”

LESSON LEARNED: When in front of your crush, don’t lose your head.


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