The Small Voice

Night shift. A patient’s call bell alarmed at 1 A.M. so I went to the room to check what it’s all about. The room was dark except for the dim light on the head board. The patient was a 1 year-old boy accompanied by his Mama and Baba. The Baba was standing while the Mama was sitting on the bed cuddling the little boy.

Baba: (Whispering) “We hear a voice…a small voice…”

Me: “Huh?! Where?!”

Suddenly, I was scared. I looked behind me to see where that small voice is coming from. Then I immediately ran towards them still looking behind.

Then the Arab (Baba) said, “Here,” pointing at the IV infusion pump, looking confused why I reacted that way.

Me: “…oh, um…” gathering my composure and recovering from an embarassing act and trying to make things light, like I know what they’re saying. I stand by the infusion pump looking all intelligent, observing if it’s alarming or not.

Me: (Trying to look confident) “If continuous VOICE, you call, ha? If small VOICE only, no call, okay?”

There you go…and I almost thought there’s a ghost.


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