Stand, Then Talk!

Stand, then Talk!

A patient’s call bell alarmed so I immediately attended to the call. Inside the room is a female patient and an elderly male arab.

Male Arab: “Eh…if you STAND, eh…can you talk?”

I know I lack a few centimeters in the height department but what the heck does he mean? Am I supposed to be something (other than human) who talks only when standing? My face registered confusion so the Arab hesitated, looking as if he’s trying to find the right English words.

I looked at the patient who doesn’t talk, so I just made a wild guess.

Me: “You mean to say, if I underSTAND Arabic?”

The Arab’s face lightened up like I’ve just hit a jackpot.

Arab: “Yes! Yes!”

Me: “Errr…No Sir…(But I can guess what you’re trying to say)

Okay, I just learned an Arabic-English word today: STAND


If you stand, can you talk?

No, I cannot stand when I talk. That’s like asking too much!


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