3 months

i can’t believe i have survived that long…

new place. new friends. new acquaintances. new life?

so this is what it feels like to be away from your family…

i’ve been through a lot of major adjustments. it’s hard but i came through…

it’s like starting all over again.

so, what has happened in the past 3 months?

  • i finally resigned from work after 2 years & 8 months. i’m not a machine. i’m just human. & humans need (quality) rests too!
  • with the help of my bestfriend (from PT school), i went to abu dhabi (where at?) uae & applied for work (even if i’ve no idea where am i heading). i just took the country’s licensure exam, passed, applied online & was surprised at how many hospitals responded to my application.
  • as soon as i arrived, i already have job interviews all lined up.
  • i wasn’t expecting this to be easy. after a month, i’m already working.

the hardest part was, moving out from my friend’s flat to a place of my own. i didn’t know how i’d survive. accomodations are expensive so i have to share a room with strangers (also filipinos). i feel like my mom just sent me to a boarding school. first off, i don’t know how to cook, i don’t wash my clothes nor iron them. someone used to do everything for me. now i’m all alone doing everything by myself. the first few weeks i was crying a lot. now i finally know what homesickness feels like.

but then i realized, when you’re away from your family, friends are the ones whom you can count on. i learned a lot, even if it’s hard. i’m even surprised when people tell me about their first impression(s) on me. that i’m friendly, happy-go-lucky, and, (eherm!) child-like. now i have new sets of friends.

i may not live the life that i’m used to now that i’m in a different country, but i’m trying to live a LIFE (as much as possible).

one thing that i learned though, no matter where you are & what position you are in, there will still be complaints about any difficult situations that you may encounter. most people would just try to run away from it all. the grass will always seem greener on the other side.

i have learned to be thankful for what i have & i began to appreciate more even the little things that i just tend to ignore.

this is how my 3 months have been. 🙂


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