this is just one of the moments when you have nothing else to do


waiting for work to begin and being a bum for, let me see…i guess, a month is getting on my nerves and my ADHD is starting to kick in.

being in a different country (other than US) to work in, is not what i have imagined. but then, due to unavoidable circumstances, i’m here. i don’t even know why. a place where everything amazes me, down from the chanting/singing or whatever they call it, in a nearby mosque, to the women who wear all black covering even their faces including their eyes. bring them to the philippines and i’m pretty sure the kids will start running away from too much fright. oooh, the dementors are here! run for your lives! then there’s the character from the Kite Runner, those guys wearing pajama-like costumes, and the indian women who wear elegant clothes. i have yet to see them do the belly-dancing. a place that looks like bethlehem where everybody looks like jesus, but then it’s not a christian country.

what am i doing here?

i could think of a lot of answers but i know none of it will make any sense.

money? career-growth? change of environment? independence?

i have yet to find that out.


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