Sssshhh…You’ll Wake the Patient!

Part of giving medications to patients is to check first if you have the right patient. I was about to give an IV antibiotic to a gunshot wound patient who was sleeping. With the patient are a bunch of young male relatives.

Me: What is the name of the patient?

Male relative: Sssshhh…you’ll wake the patient!

Me: Then how am I supposed to know if I have the right patient? (Glancing at the patient’s name tag).

The male relative seemed to be enjoying it because he keeps on smirking and the other male relatives were trying to hide their laughter.

Male relative: You talk too much! (Then laughs).

Upon confirming I have the right patient (by way of the patient’s name tag), I began injecting the medicine via IV.

Male relative: What are you giving my patient?

I remained silent.

Male relative: Hey, I’m asking you, what are you giving the patient?

Me: (Looking at the relative for added effect then I said:) I thought I wasn’t supposed to talk because I might wake the patient up? Now who’s talking too much now? For all I know I might even have the wrong patient.

Then I left without a glance.

Who were they kidding?


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