The Case of the Eye Boogers (Muta)

Scenario: Chaotic ward. Charts everwhere. Nursing students & medicine students all flock in a cramped nurse’s station. Residents writing orders on patient’s chart.

Total nurses: 2

Total number of patients: 34

Present mood: Toxic

A 9-year old patient, motor vehicular accident, was transout in our ward, postop, 4-5 days post PICU stay. There were no fractures or brain injury. Only severe abrasions in the cheek area, left upper extremity, and some parts in both lower extremities. Accompanying this patient were a batallion of relatives.

Me and a co-staff nurse were both busy carrying out Doctor’s orders when a relative of the 9 year old boy came rushing to us like it’s a matter of life and death.

Relative: Nurse, nurse, my grandson has eye crusts & he’s trying to remove it!

Me: Why, let him! It’s his eye crusts anyway...(completely ignoring the old lady).

Relative: But his hands are dirty!

Me: (Stares at the relative in disbelief). Then wash his hands!

Relative: (Looks at me with dagger eyes). But he’s just been operated on!

Me: Well then get a clean piece of cloth and wipe it yourself!

The relative was so mad that her face has turned red then walked out on us.

Then a medicine student approached me and said,

“Um, ma’am…the relative of the new patient is asking me to remove his grandson’s eye crusts…”

Minutes later I received a phone call from another ward.

Nurse: Ma’am, you have a relative of a your patient here asking us to remove his grandson’s eye crust…

Should I get the crash cart now and start reviving the patient’s eye crusts? Should I call for code blue because an eye crust was stucked in the patient’s eyes that put him into cardiac arrest?

Um, yeah. Sometimes no matter how toxic we are, it’s still fun to have a patient’s weird relatives who make us laugh.

Problems with eye booger? Call a Nurse! 🙂


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