The Flick Chick

March 30, 2006

I’m feeling a little restless today so I might as well transfer this energy into something worthwhile.

I have another classmate whom I’ve been observing for quite a while now eversince she came into the room with a loud music playing in her ear. You’d think she’s holding a component instead of a cellphone. Yep, it’s that loud. She’s too preoccupied with her cellphone that it looked like she’s just displaying a “reviewee” image. If there’s this statuesque figure in the corner of this room who studies all the time, this chick does nothing but to flick on her brand-new-latest-model cellphone. Her book is all spread out in her table but she’s not studying at all. She’s too busy displaying her one-of-a-kind-state-of-the-art cellphone which probably cost more than her brain. I think she’s turning up the volume of her cellphone on purpose just so people would notice how expensive her cellphone is.

Yeah…cool cellphone you got there Miss…but where did your brain go?


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