The Girl with the Skewed Mind

April 20, 2006

I had another attack of wandering mind while in class. It was a sunny afternoon and the air conditioned room was putting my precious mind in a trance. My mind got bored and it automatically drifted away to a faraway place. My body looked like it was listening attentively to the teacher while she was explaining the rationales of our exam and the right way of attacking difficult questions. But my mind was someplace else. My consciousness returned when I noticed all of my classmates looking at me. The teacher was calling my name. She was asking me to read the next question. At least my consciousness didn’t fail me and it knew what number was next. Hah! Let’s see if you can beat that.

As I was reading the question, the words don’t seem to make any sense to me. The words were all garbled with no meaning. I was trying to analyze the question the best way I can and at the same time exerting some effort to get my mind back into place when I heard my teacher speak.

The teacher asked, “So Rouselle, what are we looking for in the choices?”

I was quickly searching my mind for some answer but I don’t know why my precious mind suddenly failed me. I just heard myself saying, “Um…the correct answer?”

Then I heard boisterous laughter.

Of course we’re looking for the correct answer you dummy! I knew the teacher was asking for the topic of the question but I don’t know why my mind suddenly went blank and started saying some dumb answers. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself for my stupidity. The laughter was so contagious that the teacher also couldn’t help but laugh. My seatmate thought I was joking purposely and I can see tears in her eyes from too much laughing.

When everybody was able to gather themselves, I was able to get my mind back into place and started answering in a sensible way by attacking the question the way it was taught. Rouselle is back!

And the class was alive once more, thanks to me…

Well, at least I woke everybody up…

What a way to amuse the class…

Me and my skewed mind did it again…phew!


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