March 28, 2006

There’s this girl in my class whom I’ve been observing from the very first day. She goes to the center very early, sit in her favorite corner at the end of the room and just read. She’ll remain seated with her head buried in her book for hours. I mean, she doesn’t even budge. When I look at her after some time, she still exhibits the exact same posture as she had a while ago. I wonder if she’s catatonic. The only time I saw her moving is when she goes to the lavatory. She walks very fast like she’s in a hurry. I’d notice she came back when I hear hurried footsteps. She’ll then resume her position in her favorite chair and then remain fixated in her book again for hours. The last time I checked, she’s almost finished reading Saunders. Hmmm…I wonder how she does that. I couldn’t even last longer than 2 hours in my seat. I would find ways to entertain myself when I’m bored, like observing my other classmates or something. I wonder if she has already developed pressure sores in her butt for sitting too long…Her concentration level must be really that high for her to be able to endure reading a textbook for 12 straight hours. My concentration level? 30 minutes. 1 hour tops. That’s why I REALLY have to entertain myself before I start reading again. And she’s been one of the persons who never fail to amuse me for the past couple of months…the statuesque figure in the corner of the room.


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