The Peeking Butt and Miss Know-It-All

March 3, 2006

While listening to our teacher, I got distracted by this girl sitting in front wearing a pair of low-cut jeans. She was leaning over and I could see her butt peeking and staring straight at my face the entire time. Gross!

This other girl, Miss Know-it-all who loudly recites all of her correct answers was so obnoxious that when she loudly recited a wrong answer, my mind was celebrating and secretly laughing at her. I mean, who wouldn’t get annoyed? She was like,

 “D! A! B!”

 Ugh! I so wanted to tell her to shut up.

My friend Mizhael had only 13 mistakes in a 100-item question and she was just sitting there listening to the rationales. When a girl asked a question about the correct positioning for a patient during a paracentesis and asked why not prone, Miss Know-it-all loudly retorted,

“What?! Ugh! Could we just leave?”

My jaw dropped for her tactlessness and I couldn’t help but to stare at her in disgust.

I wish the peeking butt stared at her like it stared at me, she deserves it. Sheesh! What a dweeb!


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