The Handicapped

January 29, 2006
I was on my way to my center one early morning and had to wait for the traffic light to turn green when I saw a handicapped old lady in a wheelchair. Behind her is a young man who seemed to be her companion. There were people around them and I was wondering why. Then I saw the old lady slapped the young man in the face. That definitely caught my attention. The old lady was cursing the young man and she seemed to be enjoying the attention of the crowd. The young man wasn’t even lifting a finger and he just let the old lady slap him and point her fingers at him. He couldn’t look straight and was fidgeting around. He looked like he’s in the verge of crying but he didn’t do anything to defend himself from the old lady. The old lady looked proud as she was glancing at the crowd before she delivered another blow to the poor young man. She pulled at the young man’s ear this time and cursed him. She was definitely creating a scene and seemed to be enjoying it. I wonder what the young man did to deserve something like that. I don’t want to judge them. After all, I didn’t know what happened in the first place. But no matter what the young man did, he doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. The old lady should even be thankful that someone’s taking care of her. Being a handicap doesn’t give her the right to treat other people like that. But I’m glad that the young man didn’t reciprocate. He remained humble even if he was humiliated in front of a lot of people.

But wait a minute…there was something familiar about this old lady…now I remember!!! She was the same old lady who tried to run me over with her wheelchair a few years back. And she even cursed me for blocking her way. I was too surprised to even react. Tsk…tsk…tsk…It’s a pity that she’s a handicap…


One thought on “The Handicapped

  1. I agree one’s challenged does not give them the right(s) to pains.The old women should be thankful that someone was/is willing to help her!

    As someone with a physical challenge (cp);might I suggest that the old women, has not come to grips with her situation.

    I have been challenged since birth and can tell you how “angry and bitter” I was that I wasn’t “normal”. Imagine now that this women is challenged due not from birth but from circumstance or old age.

    The man is not immune he stood have at the very least stood up(no pun intended) for himself; but perhaps his “self-control” is also to be respected?

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