Let Me Start Again…

I’ve started this blog with posts full of personal rants. It was like a hideaway, a temporary shelter where I can pour my heart out. I wanted to escape. I wanted to be alone with my thoughts. I neglected my other blog because I couldn’t seem to manage it anymore. Everything ‘s a mess and I just don’t have the energy to fix it up.

I guess I’m just good at escaping. It’s easier to just get away from it all.

I left an old chaotic blog to start a new blog hoping that I would start on something fresh. But attempts have failed.

I write not to impress. I write not to invite people to delve into my personal life. Though at times (or most of the time)I tend to rant. A LOT. But it’s just my way of unloading so pardon me if I may bore you. I’m not into writing intellectual posts either where no one understands the things written except the writer himself/herself.  Let’s keep everything simple, shall we?

I don’t have any blog followers and I don’t advertise my blog just so everybody could see how boring I write. But it’s good to share a blog to a select few. Just don’t share it to a family member coz, believe me, they are the worst stalker in the planet (based on my experience, that is).

I write as if no one’s reading. I write for myself. I write because it’s simply therapeutic. Much like when you go for a spa after a long tiring day.


So, allow me to start all over again…


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