Dreaming of a Clean House

Procrastination. It’s what I’m good at these days. It seems easier to just lounge around and do nothing (as it is my off day, I say I deserve a break).

I miss my old clean house. The one thing that really prevents me from doing my chores is when I see members of this house all over the living room, not caring whether their environment is chaotic. One thing is clear though: NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT CLEANING THE ENTIRE HOUSE EXCEPT ME.

I miss being alone. It’s nice to have people around but I like it more when they’re always out. That way I can do my chores uninterrupted. Maybe that’s why I prefer to spend my entire day on the computer. It keeps my mind away from the reality.

Whenever I decide to clean, it’s always a major clean up. It takes me a whole day to finish cleaning, with members of the house either in their room lying down on the bed or watching me clean. I wonder what’s gonna happen if they stay together in this house without me.

It has always been like this.

I wanna move out and start living on my own.


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