‘Nuf Said

I’m reading a book again after neglecting it for more than a month. Books purchased randomly at certain bookstores have all piled up waiting to be read. Been too busy with a lot of things. It feels great to have a good book in hand once again.:)
“With all the changes that have happened recently, it is good that you’ve taken this time to relax, Taurus. It looks like many things have settled and that today is a time to enjoy yourself. It looks like the biggest problem may be discussing the problems of the past week and dealing with the memory of the frustration with those situations. If there is a celebration or get together you really don’t feel like going to, follow your instincts and relax at home for the evening, or put some energy into a chore you’ve been neglecting: you’ll be happy with the results.”
See, even my horoscope agrees with me…:)

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